Inspiration Is The New Swag!

Shelby Carino

Hello to all the awesome CELEBRITIES reading this blog today!  Well, as CarinoSwag gets underway so is the new blog post system that I am putting into place.  Why a blog?  Doesn't it seem outdated these days?  Um, well yes and no.  There are some people who love to READ inspiration, others like to physically partake in inspiration and others are just ok with the visual pictures of inspiration.  However, here at CarinoSwag my job is to make sure you not only READ inspiration yet it makes you feel it and see it in your pictures as well.

What do you hear inside when you hear the word 'swag?'  What is also the visual picture you see inside when the word 'swag' is spoken.

For me, my definition of swag turned into an inner voice and belief system of pictures about how someone would present themselves.  Meaning, in my state of seeing, hearing and feeling of how I 'read' those words was HOW POPULAR and HOW PRETTY are you?  Yep, that thought that throws you back into those middle school days where you used to have the clicks.  You know the ones, the popular crowd, the nerdy crowd, the skater crowd and then the crowd I was always in was the 'leftover' crowd.  

It took decades for me to realize that the crowd I was NEVER in actually ended up saving my life and gave me the courage to become who I am today.  Why?  Because I always followed INSPIRATION, something you never hear about growing up, unless it was a church conversation.  I learned that my entire life I was lead by inspiration and that as a 45 year YOUTHFUL woman, I have literally stepped into my own SWAG!

Swag is never about looks like how I always grew up believing it was...it is about inspiration which then trickles into confidence which then trickles into awareness which then trickles into healthy styles of communicating your wants, needs and desires while respecting the space of others wants, needs and desires.

Now, none of this blog seems to be making sense right now as I type it because my energy is definitely channeling and teaching from a whole other dimension.  Why?  Because as a teacher of energy I follow the inspiration of the energy in order to help align the energies of others.  So sometimes that inspiration makes it look like I have had a total squirrel moment and 'appear' absolutely absurd and bizarre; however when dealing with the 'humans' of the planet, they are never awake and aware enough to even realize that I am channeling from other sources of information.  They get 'mesmerized' in the energies and then all of a sudden, bam....the alignment drops in.

See, that is kind of how this blog is going.  It is taking on an energetic life of its own because there is NOTHING in this INSPIRATION of SWAG that is coming from a mental space of writing.  So now you can see how these blogs every Friday are going to be......LOL

A little over here and then a little over there and then maybe even a little over somewhere else and I never know where that somewhere else is....

If you have even stuck with me this long to read this then you are absolutely a rock star in my eyes and these blog posts are going to do WONDERS for you because you are NOW ready to receive the energies through the words I type on this blog post screen.

I could literally use my inspiration swag and type blah, blah, blah, blah, blah for pages on end and I can guarantee that if the ENERGY in that blah, blah, blah, blah words is meant for you...that you would read every word of blah.  

It is all about untangling the energies and making sense of how those energies create the movement in our lives through life experiences.

I care less about what I say and how it sounds and I care more about the energies in the words that come out of my mouth and how ethically aligned those words are to the energies the people listening or reading those words are impacted by them.

I am super at doing 'confusion' because it is when the energy of confusion shows up that the outcome is right around the corner...however there is always doubt before confusion.  So, are you doubting whether or not to follow this blog every Friday because you are confused about what it is about and how it will work?  Well good, you are in the right place.  I will see YOU next Friday.


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  • I would read the blah..blah blahs only if it were from you!! 😁 Love this idea and cannot wait for the next squirrely blog!!


  • Love the blog…I will look forward to being confused each week if my outcomes are right around the corner. Lol! Love you Miss Shelby and I’m grateful that I found you on my souls journey.


  • WOW this has inspired me so much! It was SO AWESOMELY CONFUSING. :)

    Kristen Fortner

  • I love the swag and the blah blah blah lol. You have inspired me over this past year.


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