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It's All About The Story

Shelby Carino

Hello fellow carino swaggers!

Well, on today's episode of blogging we are going to discuss how it is all about the story! Meaning, we all have a story.  We all have a story to tell.  We all tell that story differently than others.  Furthermore, we all express that story in ways that are either visual in nature, auditory in nature or sometimes it is all about feeling the story.  Stories are what allow our human traits to become authentically real to others we have influence with in order to help others grow into a deeper level of their own authenticity.

I have personally told my story in numerous ways.  The first being I became an author in order to share some of the deepest parts of myself from certain life experiences I had through time.  Then those stories began to morph into more online media where I could interact with people on a more personal level to share the story in order to help them share theirs.  Now after all of that here I am incorporating more of my story into physical material items we call swag; however it isn't the physical item that is important, it is the story behind how these physical swag items have birthed.  The swag tells the story even if 'we' are unaware of it.

I would love to hear a part of YOUR STORY.  What is it about you that you would like to share with the CarinoCelebs that sets you uniquely on this track of ascension with us?

Write in the comments below a little bit about your swag story....whatever that means to you and trust me, there is no wrong answer or reply!


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