It's All Duplicatable!

Shelby Carino

Oh how I love the POWER of duplication.

Duplication is about reproducing.  Now, let's go with the fact that most of us immediately hear the word reproduce and think about having babies right?  Ok, or maybe you are one of the few who goes elsewhere with the thought. LOL

However, in the power of duplication it is important to reproduce ETHICALLY what you desire.  It is even more important to be ALIGNED with what you ETHICALLY want to duplicate.  The pitfall most of us have when we have tried to duplicate something is we weren't quite ready to duplicate.  So what happens when you aren't all the way aligned or ethically in a position to have what you want to duplicate?  Yes, you create problems that you have to fix and trust me, how fun is that?  Yep, not too much fun.  It creates more drama.

So the power of duplication engages a very important aspect in order for duplication to be the MOST effective.  Want to know what that important aspect is? It is simply the word PATIENCE.  Sometimes we have to be a little bit more patient in our process before it is ethically aligned to make another version of ourselves; however that may look.

If you have gone out and duplicated something THIS PAST WEEK, write in the comments below and let us know what showed up in your world of duplication.

I duplicated 5 more sweatshirts of carinoswag. LOL


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  • I duplicated a male version of me 😊 so that I can heal the DM energy in myself. Apparently I have been floating around in his world already because he saw my doppelgänger and was for sure it was my sister. Lol. We have the same birthday as well. As Shelby would say …. “This shit is real ya’ll!”

    Lauri Bell

  • I LOVE THIS BLOG! I duplicated through finding an untouched 12 pack of angel toilet paper, after all the cr%# I’ve cleaned up energetically! I also brought in a new client who is very similar to myself. Yay to good duplications !


  • This week I was able to duplicate our beloved Starbucks coffee at work. Not once but twice!!! After bringing coffee to work for me and my assistant , a patron in my gym brought a cup of coffee for me and my assistant in the morning and my co worker brought a cup for me and my assistant in the afternoon the very next day.

    Vanessa Franklin

  • This week I was able to duplicate during my time at ‘work.’ I brought donuts Monday and then the next day someone showed up with more donuts. Then the next day cookies and brownies showed up. It was amazing to watch how people LIGHT up when this type of giving happens.

    Kristen Fortner

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