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Onyx Dragon Celebrity Bracelet Totem


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Onyx Dragon Celebrity Bracelet Totem
Onyx Dragon Celebrity Bracelet Totem

Are you seeking to find an ethical power to increase love in your life? Perhaps you are needing extra power from the Universe to find that perfect energetic match to you and have the energetic love reciprocated. If so, this is the perfect jewelry totem for you.


This Lyric Style Celebrity Bracelet Totem is a blend of natural onyx and dragon vein stoned beads. Onyx is a stone of protection and soothing. It helps to aide in the release of negativity in order to help protect your natural energy field. Onyx also helps in the evolution of emotional and physical strength and stamina when you are in a stressful stage of life which brings confusion or grief.


The power of the dragon teaches responsibility for your soul and to live a life of honor. The dragon brings fortune, authority, growth, luck and development.


This beautiful totem is paired with a polished, sliver-plated brass beads with a healthy cord as a tassel. It is assembled on a stretch cord which makes it easy to wear. One size of this totem fits all. Each bracelet totem comes in a re-usable black velvet pouch, perfect for storage or gifting.




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